Award Winning All-Electric Living

All-electric buildings play a role in reducing local air pollution, improving public health and helping our local cities and towns reach their climate goals.

Currently, one-third of our community’s local emissions come from buildings. Fortunately, when you switch from natural gas to all-electric appliances that use SVCE’s carbon-free electricity, your building becomes emissions-free.

All-electric buildings play a role in reducing local air pollution, improving public health and helping our local cities and towns reach their climate goals.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy created an awards program to showcase existing all-electric buildings that utilize our carbon-free electricity to the fullest extent possible. The award winners represent leaders within our community who are reducing local emissions and promoting a healthier community with their advanced electric technologies and building designs.

Meet Our Winners

We’re excited to showcase some of the winners of our All-Electric Showcase Awards. Explore each of their profiles to learn more about the all-electric buildings throughout our region.

Edwina Benner Plaza

Built to be a model for sustainable living, this state-of-the-art multi-family affordable housing community is all-electric and net zero carbon.

Hala Alshahwany & Nabeel Al-Shamma

You don’t have to build new, Hala and Nabeel converted their older home into all-electric.

Bronwyn Barry

Architect Bronwyn Barry turned what originally was an expansion of a Sunnyvale bungalow into an all-electric showpiece.

Douglas Kunz

Doug and his family wanted to avoid using fossil fuels. After some research, they discovered that they didn’t have to wait another day to turn their house into an all-electric carbon-free home.

Clare & Eugene Cordero

Clare and her husband, Eugene, wanted to make their home as environmentally friendly as possible. They devised a simple three-step plan to reduce their energy usage and GHG emissions. The results were dramatically better than they expected.

Rajneesh Bajaj

Rajneesh was able to make his house run carbon-neutral and lower his energy costs using easily available technology and equipment.

Ivan & Sara Jorgensen

Ivan, a mechanical engineer, and his wife Sara, a home designer, combined their skills to remodel a house from the past into the home of the future.

Jeff & Debbie Byron

After many discussions of converting to all-electric, they made the switch and have enjoyed the comfort their new electric appliances offer.

Office Building - 380 Pastoria Avenue

Sharp Development and Integral group teamed up again to prove the replicability of their zero net energy retrofit system, by turning another GHG emission producing building into a modern, all-electric office space.

Mark Jacobson

When given the chance to build a new home, Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson went all-in on all-electric. And seeing he didn’t need gas, he saved over $5,000 in installation costs.


Continuing their commitment to protecting the planet, LinkedIn used an office renovation as an opportunity to create a all-electric, net zero energy operation.

David Kaneda

David’s profession is creating structures that are energy efficient and good for the environment. When he had the chance to build a home for himself, he wanted to create a house that was comfortable, practical and carbon-free.

Indradeep Ghosh

Inspired by the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, Indradeep and his wife, Anita, dedicated themselves to a multi-year project to make their home carbon-free. They achieved their goal and, in the process, turned their house into a “positive energy home”.

Jeff & Chris Perry

Since researching alternate forms of energy in high school, Jeff had long aspired to reduce his carbon footprint. He used rooftop solar panels to finally achieve his goal and reduce his electric bill.

Mike & Holly Trapp

While remodeling his house, Michael discovered that transitioning to all-electric not only provided a more comfortable, energy-efficient home, it saved him thousands of dollars.

Bryan Mekechuk & Jo-Anne Sinclair

Bryan and Jo-Anne wanted to improve the air quality inside their home. This required eliminating all sources of combustion which is the cause of most toxic air pollutants.

Packard Foundation

When it came time to build a new headquarters, this world-renowned philanthropic organization wanted to create a building that was in line with their principals and values.

Office Building - 380 Mathilda Avenue

Using the system they created to retrofit a previously dark, uninsulated building in Sunnyvale, Sharp Development and Integral Group transformed a vacant athletic club into Class A office space.

All-Electric Building Guides

All-electric efforts are expanding statewide and throughout the nation. Additional statewide and nationwide case studies are detailed within Redwood Energy’s All-Electric Single Family Home, Multifamily Home and Commercial Building Guide as well as more information on the benefits of all-electric design, resilience, building policies and all-electric product guides.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and William J Worthen Foundation published the Building Decarbonization Practice Guide to help provide education on building electrification strategies by building type, how to approach key systems and services that have traditionally been powered by fossil fuel combustion, the current Codes and Policy landscape and how to engage in addressing climate change with buildings.

Structures 2019: All-Electric Development of the Year

In partnership with Structures 2019, Silicon Valley Clean Energy sponsored a special award to recognize the “All-Electric Development of the Year.” City Ventures received this recognition for Depot Station, all-electric townhomes located in Morgan Hill.

These all-electric homes combine comfort and modern living to ensure that residents are happy and healthy. With solar, induction cooking and heat pump technology for heating and cooling, green living is already built into every home. These best of technologies and high-efficiency electric appliances not only make everyday life simpler but continue to lead decarbonization in our community.

The Depot Station all-electric townhomes fully utilize Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s carbon-free electricity for all operations, which helps reduce local air pollution, creating a healthier community.