From source to switch

The story of your electricity service with SV Clean Energy

How electricity gets to your home has three steps.


Step 1 – SV Clean Energy

It starts with electricity made from clean and renewable resources built and purchased for you by Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE). (See a map of our renewable projects)


Step 2 – PG&E

PG&E then delivers this electricity over their existing poles and wires. Customers pay for electric delivery on their PG&E bill as they always have. PG&E also continues to maintain power lines and provide customer service support.


Step 3 – You, our customer

The clean electricity provided by SVCE and delivered by PG&E then flows to homes and businesses throughout the community. You, as a customer of SVCE, benefit with clean energy, competitive rates and community reinvestment.

Your energy bill continues to come from PG&E, with SVCE’s lower generation charges replacing those from PG&E. To see how this looks, check out our Understanding Your Bill webpage Understanding Your Bill webpage.

Discover More about Your Electricity

Video and results from April 2021 – see our latest impact here.

What is a Community Choice Energy agency?

A Community Choice Energy provider, or Community Choice Aggregator (CCA), is a way for communities to combine their energy needs to decide how they want to purchase power, set their own rates and offer additional community benefits. SV Clean Energy is the Community Choice Energy provider for 13 communities in Santa Clara County. There are more than 20 other Community Choice Energy agencies throughout the state.

More than 11 million Californians get electricity from Community Choice Energy agencies and this number continues to grow. Community Choice Energy agencies are in a unique position to offer clean power at competitive rates and design energy programs that meet local customer and community needs.

Learn more about the impact of Community Choice Energy in California at the California Community Association website.