Competitive Rates & Clean Energy

When you choose Silicon Valley Clean Energy, you get clean energy at competitive rates. We partner with PG&E to deliver your electricity and ensure we provide transparent costs. The charges you see on your bill can be simplified into two categories:

  • Electric Generation: This pays for your source of power and how much electricity you’re using. Rates vary depending on the type of service you choose – SVCE GreenStart, SVCE GreenPrime or PG&E, and the rate plan you are on.
  • Electric Delivery: PG&E still delivers your electricity over existing lines and maintains those lines. PG&E delivery rates are the same for everyone, both SVCE customers and PG&E customers.

PG&E does add additional fees to your bill and those are included in the cost comparisons below. You’ll find a full explanation of all the items on your bill on the Understanding Your Bill webpage.

electric vehicle charging outside of home


Explore your residential electricity rates and learn how they compare.

storefront of a breakfast restaurant


Learn more about electricity rates for small, medium and large businesses.

solar panels on a roof

Rooftop Solar

Check out the rates and policies for customers that have rooftop solar.