Bryan Mekechuk & Jo-Anne Sinclair

Building the future over the past


Year built: 1969
Year renovated: 2017
Location: Monte Sereno, CA
Type: Eichler with lower level addition
Details: 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, 4,730 sq. ft.
Architect: J. Rider Design
Contractor: Teamwrkx, Ken Martin (ACCO Engineered Systems)



Rooftop solar array
Turn your house into a zero net energy home

icon of a heat pump mini split

Heat Pump HVAC
Keep every room in your house at the ideal temperature

icon of a battery

Battery storage
Store the energy from your solar panels for use when it’s dark

icon of an electric car with a battery, plug and car illustration

Electric Vehicles
Cut your fuel costs and produce zero exhaust emissions

Shinny counter tops with induction cooktop


After they bought their Eichler home in 1997, Bryan and his wife, Jo-Anne, wanted to eliminate combustion inside their house (the source of most toxic air pollutants). They removed the fireplace and went fully electric, eliminating the need for any gas inside their home. In addition to using all-electric appliances, they installed a heat pump water heater and hydronic heating/cooling system which uses tubes in the floor to keep every room in their house at the perfect temperature. To further reduce their use of fossil fuels, they bought electric vehicles and installed car chargers and wall-mount batteries. Finally, to offset the increase in electricity consumption, they invested in rooftop solar panels.

“We moved to an all-electric system, eliminated natural gas inside our home, generated electricity on site, and switched to all-electric vehicles. We are doing our part to directly reduce the release of greenhouse gas. And with SVCE providing carbon-free electricity, we are confident that our living and transportation requirements are minimizing carbon emissions to the greatest extent possible.”