Jeff & Chris Perry

Building the future with a rooftop solar retrofit


Year built: 1957
Year renovated: 2018
Location: Cupertino, CA
Type: Custom Single Family Ranch
Details: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2,400 sq. ft.


icon of a fireplace with an electric plug

Electric fireplace
Enjoy the warmth of a glowing fireplace without harmful emissions

icon of a heat pump mini split

Heat Pump HVAC
Heat and cool your home quietly and efficiently, without burning gas


Electric dryer
Dry clothes in a way that is healthier, safer and saves money


Rooftop solar array
Turn your house into a zero net energy home

couple standing outside of their home


Jeff Perry, a manager at a local semiconductor company, had long aspired to reduce his carbon footprint in the world by living in a home powered by solar energy. But when the opportunity came to install a solar array, he realized that his gas appliances were holding him back.

“In high school I completed a project analyzing alternative forms of energy.  As a result I set a long goal of putting a solar array on my dwelling.  As I researched this project, I realized that because we used natural gas for water and home heating, my house did not use enough electricity to take full advantage of the energy supplied by the solar panels.  So it made sense to convert everything to all-electric and cut off the gas supply. After finding the right contractor and making our way through a little bit of red tape, we were able to finally get the gas lines cut off and successfully reduce our carbon footprint.”

JEFF PERRY / Homeowner