Ivan & Sara Jorgensen

Building the future with future-minded design


Year built: 1947
Year renovated: 2019
Location: Campbell, CA
Type: Modern farmhouse
Details: 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3,300 sq. ft.



Chilled water heat pump
Use an all-in-one system for water heating and heating/cooling the house

icon of smart thermometer

Auto-building control
Control your water heater, exterior lighting and room temperature by zone, for ultimate efficiency


Induction Cooktop
Cook with more control than gas without releasing harmful pollutants into your home


Whole house fans
Create a cooling indoor breeze so you run the A/C less, reducing your energy costs

Couple holding big check in front of home


Ivan Jorgensen, a mechanical engineer, and his wife Sara, a custom home designer, used their combined expertise to turn an old, rundown farmhouse-shaped building into a state-of-the-art all-electric home, built for upgrading as new energy technologies become available.

“It was a significant remodel that required both of our skill sets. My wife did all the architectural design and I designed all the electrical and mechanical systems. Changing over from gas, we installed a heat pump chiller that provides HVAC heating and cooling, as well as produces our hot water; it’s all one unit. Then, instead of a smart thermostat, I put in a whole building automation system. So, it controls the exterior lighting, the water temperature and the HVAC system, which is zoned. Each room has a thermostat with dampers that open and close as those spaces are either occupied or empty. And the supply fan is actually a variable speed fan. So, it goes up and down to save energy. Plus, we put in new electrical infrastructure that can be modified in the future as equipment improves. We hope our home inspires others to convert to all-electric and can be a showcase of what’s possible right now. ”