Innovation Pilots

Through the Innovation Onramp program, SVCE has supported and partnered with local innovators to launch pilots that addressing key technical, market and policy barriers to achieving deep decarbonization in our service territory & beyond.

Spring 2021 – Building Decarbonization

Outlet-Sharing Device to Reduce Electriciation Barriers

Empowering Homeowners with Decarbonization Solutions

Spring 2020 – Resilience

Smart & Resilient Solar Schools

Smart Home Electrical Panel

Design for a local market to incentivize grid resiliency

Reducing Emissions by Utilizing Active Transportation and Mode Shifting with Electric Bicycles

Fall 2019 – Mobility

Validating a Low-Cost Direct Installation Model for EV Charging at Low- and Moderate-Income Multi-Family Properties
Zero-Carbon Electric Vehicle Charging
Improving the Viability of Shared Multi-Family EV Charging through Reservation Software Platform

Spring 2019 – Open Call

Supporting K-12 School and Community College Districts to Achieve Zero Operating Carbon Emissions
Role of Land Use and Urban Form in Decarbonizing Silicon Valley’s Cities
Empowering Emissions Reduction and Local Investment through Free, Securely Authorized Customer Data Access

Innovation Impact Report

SVCE has invested $1.1 million in local cleantech solutions to support our communities’ fight against climate change. The Innovation Impact Report outlines the accomplishments SVCE, our innovation partners, and member communities have achieved.

Innovation Impact Report Cover Image

Pilot Spotlight

logo of the SVCE data hive

SVCE Data Hive: instant, authorized and secure.

The SVCE Data Hive is a flagship pilot project with UtilityAPI  awarded through SVCE’s Innovation Onramp. It will make initiating clean energy projects quicker and easier for everyone involved whether you are getting a quote for a solar installation, electric vehicle charger or energy efficiency upgrade.

The SVCE Data Hive will streamline this process by providing instant, authorized and secure access to standardized energy data needed to provide a project quote. This project will help reduce friction in the market – by addressing both the cost and hassle of getting authorized access to customer data, as well as empower customer choice and support local businesses.

Please direct questions to innovation@svcleanenergy.org