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Smart Home Electrical Panel

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This flagship pilot will enable SVCE customers to access Span’s smart home electrical panel technology to improve the energy resilience of their homes, make it simple to go fully electric and benefit the grid. SVCE will provide a limited number of incentives to customers to help cover the cost of adding Span to their homes. Once installed, the Span Smart Panel will provide customers with the necessary electrical capacity along with safe monitoring and smart controls to back up their homes more easily with batteries, as well as streamline adding electric vehicles, heat pump hot water heaters, and other forms of home electrification that SVCE enables for its customers.

The pilot also aims to demonstrate how smart panels can enable residential homes to provide grid flexibility and resiliency, allowing more renewable energy onto the grid and reducing blackouts when the grid is stressed. SVCE residential customers can apply for Span panels in the summer of 2021.