Innovation Onramp Active Pilot

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Reducing Emissions by Utilizing Active Transportation and Mode Shifting with Electric Bicycles

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This pilot will demonstrate how to transform auto-oriented cities into resilient pedestrian and bike-friendly cities by utilizing electric bicycles (e-bikes). Outthink will hire an Active Transportation Ambassador to lead e-bike community outreach, identify sections of roadways that are unsafe, and work in partnership with the City of Gilroy to implement quick-build streetscape modifications, known as Tactical Urbanism, that aims to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Community participants will be provided a new e-bike, accessories (helmet, racks, panniers, lights, etc.), safety and maintenance assistance, a fitness tracking device, and other behavioral encouragement to out-think old habits and instead, choose active transportation as an alternative to vehicle use.

Innovation Pilot Final Report

City Chrysalis Final Report – Using e-bikes to cost-effectively reduce emissions, address inequities, and improve public health – March 2022

Note: The work and analysis covered by this report were funded by SVCE through the Innovation Onramp Program. The report is not representative of SVCE’s perspectives and views. SVCE is sharing these findings and documents to help other agencies and organizations learn from the pilot program.