Continued Support

Continued Support for Carbon Free Electricity

As of July 2017, remaining residential and large commercial accounts are being enrolled with customer participation around 98%.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is Silicon Valley’s community-owned electricity provider offering carbon-free electricity at competitive rates. As of July 2017, the remaining 80% of residential accounts and large commercial accounts are being enrolled with SVCE and support for clean energy remains high with customer participation at 98%. SVCE officially launched in April 2017 with service beginning for 20% of residents and all small and medium businesses.

GreenStart customers enrolled with SVCE are now receiving carbon-free electricity from sources such as wind, solar and hydropower. Customers who have upgraded to the optional GreenPrime option are receiving 100% renewable energy from wind and solar, and are helping to further the demand for more renewable energy development.

By providing carbon-free electricity to about 250,000 Santa Clara County customers, SVCE is reducing approximately one-quarter of the region’s carbon emissions from electricity use and helping our communities accomplish their climate action goals.

While SVCE is the now the electricity generation provider for a majority of Santa Clara County communities, PG&E continues to deliver electricity over existing lines, maintain lines, send bills and provide customer service. Customers still receive just one bill from PG&E with both SVCE electric generation and PG&E electric delivery charges. SVCE charges replace those from PG&E, so there will never be duplicate charges. This partnership will continue to provide customers with a great combination of the same electric service and reliability they’re used to, but with cleaner energy and lower rates.