Powered by Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Your car is being charged by Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s (SVCE) electricity sourced from wind, solar, geothermal and other clean sources. SVCE is the community-owned electricity provider for 13 communities in Santa Clara County. These EV chargers were funded by SVCE to help customers without access to home charging more conveniently and affordably charge their EVs.

By choosing to drive with clean electricity, you are making an impact by reducing local air pollution and helping fight climate change.

Charge Your Car at Home with Clean Energy

As a customer of SVCE, you can charge with carbon-free electricity at home too! Looking to add home charging to your EV charging repertoire? Shop home chargers on the EV Assistant.

The EV Assistant can also help you shop and compare other EV models in case you, or someone you know are considering another EV.

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Discover more ways you can take meaningful action to make an impact.

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Funding for Innovation

Learn more about how SVCE is funding more EV charging in Santa Clara County:

Multifamily Charging Incentive Program
Incentives of up to $50,000 for installing Level 1 and Level 2 chargers at multifamily properties, plus additional incentives for chargers at affordable housing. We hope to make it easier for multifamily residents to switch to driving electric.

FutureFit Assist EV Charging
Free technical assistance every step of the way to install EV charging for our customers who own or manage small/medium commercial and multifamily properties.

Priority Zone DC Fast Charging
SVCE identified 23 Priority Zones near densely populated areas that would benefit from nearby DC fast chargers. This program launched in 2022 and will fund 10 public fast chargers located in Mountain View, Milpitas, and Morgan Hill.

Get Gas Out of Your House

You are already making a difference by driving an electric car. Now, go even further by powering your home appliances with clean electricity.

At first glance, they may not seem as cool as your EV, but electric appliances such as heat pump water heaters, space heating and cooling, induction cooking and more can make a huge impact by improving the air quality in your home and reducing local carbon emissions. Plus, there are thousands of dollars in rebates available to help you upgrade.

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Learn more about SV Clean Energy offers and services to help you lower emissions, save money and protect the planet.