Funding DC Fast Charging Near Multifamily Housing

Applications currently under review and selections will be announced soon.

SVCE is offering electric vehicle (EV) fast charger installation incentives of $50,000 per charger and up to $200,000 per site in high-priority zones to help accelerate electric vehicle adoption by multifamily residents living nearby. Learn more about the program, eligibility, selection criteria, and explore the map of priority zones.

Applications will be evaluated, and best-fit projects will be selected for funding. The application window closed November 15th, 2022. Selected sites will be announced soon.

Multifamily Priority Zones

Through analysis of customer data and in coordination with local agencies, SVCE identified 23 Priority Zones with multifamily housing that could benefit from nearby DC fast chargers. Sites that are within or very near one or more of these Priority Zones are eligible for funding.

To view a map of SVCE service territory with Priority Zones shown, please click on the button below.  You can also reference the table below.

MUD Cluster List

Jurisdiction Cluster # MUD Units Within Cluster Centerpoint Latitude Centerpoint Longitude
Campbell 1 1,400 37.2829619 -121.9376105
Campbell 2 1,000 37.27917949 -121.9543011
Campbell 3 500 37.29355317 -121.9645391
Cupertino 4 1,400 37.33604329 -122.0387676
Gilroy 5 600 37.0005584 -121.5676421
Gilroy 6 800 37.01337062 -121.5913449
Gilroy 7 400 37.01113337 -121.5653548
Los Altos 8 1,400 37.40003381 -122.1074085
Los Gatos 9 700 37.23114882 -121.9752095
Los Gatos 10 600 37.26118938 -121.9643253
Milpitas 11 700 37.45521187 -121.916537
Morgan Hill 12 300 37.12665399 -121.6450137
Morgan Hill 13 400 37.12277026 -121.6528234
Mountain View 14 2,100 37.39871987 -122.0983719
Mountain View 15 500 37.379524 -122.0634981
Mountain View 21 1,300 37.40537213 -122.0922157
Mountain View 22 1,300 37.39572071 -122.0897803
Sunnyvale 16 1,400 37.37602205 -122.0531128
Sunnyvale 17 1,100 37.34241085 -122.0344089
Sunnyvale 18 900 37.35490721 -122.0140426
Sunnyvale 23 1,400 37.38217446 -122.0535238
Unincorporated Santa Clara County 19 400 37.32390422 -121.9277216
Unincorporated Santa Clara County 20 400 37.37675604 -121.83182

How It Works

1.  Apply to reserve your incentive.
Review the Terms and Conditions and complete the online Application prior to purchasing and installing the equipment. SVCE will send you an email confirming your reservation and will reserve your incentive for up to 15 months from the date of reservation.

2. Submit milestone documentation and receive partial payment.
At the 60-day mark, submit evidence of permit application and any utility service documentation, if applicable, through the Progress Form. And then, at the 240-day mark, submit a W-9, invoices showing payment, and proof of funding from other entities, if any, through the Milestone Incentive Claim Form to receive partial incentive funding, up to 60% of total project costs.

3. Install the DCFC equipment.
Complete installation of your DC fast chargers.

4. Submit paperwork and feedback to receive your final incentive payment.
Once the installed DC fast chargers are inspected by your local jurisdiction, fill out the Final Incentive Claim Form. You will need to provide invoices showing payment and photos showing Serial Numbers of all installed DC fast chargers. You will also need to provide feedback about your experience via an online survey. We will mail your final incentive check to you.


All Applicant Requirements, Applicant Duty Requirements, Site Location Requirements, Equipment Requirements, and Covered Cost Requests, as defined under the CALeVIP program apply to this program with two additional requirements:

  • Sites must be within or near an SVCE-defined Priority Zone (half a mile from the center or a quarter of a mile from the border).
  • SVCE will only fund chargers 100kW or above.

Selection Criteria

In addition to meeting the basic eligibility requirements above, each site will be evaluated on a variety of factors including 1) rationale for choosing the site location, 2) proximity to a Priority Zone, 3) number of MUD units potentially impacted, 4) number of Priority Zone MUD units potentially impacted, 5) number of MUDs built before 1990, 6) number of chargers proposed, 7) previous DCFC installation experience, 8) recipient of other funding for the same project 9) outreach to MUD residents strategy, 10) technical capability and intent to offer pricing that is the same as SVCE EV rates.


SVCE intends to incentivize about 12 new DC fast charger sites. Applications will be evaluated, and best-fit projects will be selected for funding. 

Required Documents


When to Submit

Application Apply now, one for each site
Terms & Conditions After funding has been reserved
Incentive Agreement After funding has been reserved
Progress Form 60 days after funding has been reserved
Milestone Incentive Claim Form 240 days after funding has been reserved
Final Incentive Claim Form Upon completion of your project

Frequently Asked Questions

Site developers who are often responsible for identifying, communicating with and recruiting site hosts for suitable projects are invited to apply. Other entities, such as site hosts (e.g., retail property owners, commercial developers), can submit an application but are encouraged to coordinate with the developer of their project to answer application questions.

SVCE is offering incentives for installations of DC fast chargers in specific locations—near designated concentrations of multifamily housing called “Priority Zones”. Please find the list of Priority Zones and a link to a map on this page.

Each site must be near enough to at least one designated Priority Zone such that it will clearly serve residents that live in that Zone (note that the fast chargers do not need to be within one of the Priority Zones). SVCE’s evaluation of sites will be based, in part, on how well the sites achieve this goal. The sites cannot be on the property of multifamily developments.

Only DC fast charging equipment of 100kW or higher capacity is eligible.

Please see Terms & Conditions for detailed agreements applicants will be asked to commit to.

Yes, but your SVCE incentives will be reduced. If additional funding is available and reduces costs to complete the project at a value less than the SVCE incentive amount reserved, the incentive amount will be reduced to the balance remaining to complete the project. For example, if your incentive amount is $10,000 and additional funding reduces the cost to complete the project to $7000, the incentive will be reduced to $7000.

Please refer to eligible costs for a complete list as defined under the CALeVIP program. Note that all work and equipment purchases must occur after the date of reservation of funds. Planning and design work are permissible prior to the reservation date.

The incentive amount will vary depending on the total project cost, combination with incentives from other entities, and other factors. The incentives are per charger and not per port. An applicant can receive per site up to $50,000 or 50% of total project cost, whichever is less, for each charger, and up to $200,000 per project or installation site. Chargers with dual simultaneous charging capabilities can be incentivized per port as long as both chargers meet the minimum 100kW requirement during simultaneous charging.

To reserve funds, you will only need to answer application questions in the Application form.

Throughout the installation process, you will be asked to provide a number of supporting documents, including permit application receipt, utility service design documentation, if applicable, W-9 or other tax documentation, equipment and contractor invoices showing payment, photos, and proof of receipt of other payments or grants.

Please see the links located on this page to the appropriate submittal forms. You will be able to attach the documents in a simple “drag & drop” format through a secure DocuSign portal. There is no need for login or creating an account.

Contact us at SVCEprograms@smud.org or call us at 1-833-243-4235, Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm. We’d be happy to answer any questions.