Sunnyvale Councilmember and MidPen Housing Rep Holding Giant Check

Solar Cash Out Provides Thousands for MidPen Affordable Housing at Garland Plaza in Sunnyvale

MidPen Housing’s Garland Plaza apartment complex in Sunnyvale received $4,216.49 from Silicon Valley Clean Energy for the extra electricity generated by its rooftop solar.

The affordable housing nonprofit bought Garland Plaza in 2007 to preserve the community’s affordability, with plans to eventually renovate. Once funding was secured for the renovation in 2012, the building was remodeled with energy efficient upgrades and a rooftop solar system that produces more than enough energy to power the property.

“Not only is Garland Plaza a tremendous story of partnership to preserve affordable housing in Sunnyvale, it’s now a model for showcasing how sustainable features like solar can result in financial savings while accomplishing our community goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change,” says Nancy Smith, Sunnyvale City Councilmember and SVCE Board Member.

The money from MidPen’s solar cash out will be allocated back into Garland Plaza’s overall ongoing operating budget, allowing the property to continue investing in an excellent living space for residents and maintaining affordable rents for its residents.

“Solar not only helps us in terms of achieving these larger energy efficiency goals, but also furthers our ability to support our residents, whether it’s maintaining the property long term, or providing us with more resources to support our residents through programs,” says Michelle Kim, Senior Project Manager at MidPen Housing.

MidPen Housing Corporation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides safe, affordable housing to those in need. The Garland Plaza property will continue to benefit financially through SVCE’s Net Energy Metering Program, which annually pays customers back for extra energy generated by their solar panels.