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City of Morgan Hill Takes Bold Climate Action with New 2020 Building Code

Council adopts Reach Codes requiring all-electric new construction

11/6 UPDATE: Morgan Hill City Council voted 3 – 2 to pass a reach code that will prohibit natural gas in all new construction effective March 1, 2020.

Morgan Hill, Calif. – At the Oct. 23 meeting, the Morgan Hill City Council voted four-to-one to require new construction to be all-electric, effective March 2020. The city’s decision was part of the regular process cities follow to adopt the new state building code and included Reach Codes that require electrification for new construction. By adopting a local amendment to the codes (known as establishing a “Reach Code”), cities can encourage the selection of healthier, safer, emissions-free buildings.

“I want to be able to tell our youth that we did everything we can to fight for their future,” said Yvonne Martinez Beltran, City of Morgan Hill Councilmember and SVCE Board Member. “The information presented to us was clear. If we keep building with natural gas, we will keep polluting our environment and never meet our state climate goals.”

SVCE supports its member cities in considering reach codes that will lead to a cleaner, safer future. Reach codes focus on encouraging transportation and buildings powered with clean electricity to move communities away from the harms of fossil fuels. New codes will save money, improve air quality and promote public health.

“This action by the City of Morgan Hill shows how local cities are willing to rise to the challenge and take strong climate action,” said Girish Balachandran, SVCE CEO. “This is an effort that will take collaboration among the public and private sectors and require participation from all industries. We are glad that Morgan Hill took advantage of this opportunity to act now.”

Cities throughout California are taking action to stop pollution from transportation and buildings. Morgan Hill joins fellow Santa Clara County cities, Mountain View and San Jose with adopting reach codes to address carbon pollution from buildings. Ten other SVCE member communities are also considering reach codes this fall. Statewide, there are more than 50 communities considering reach codes to address carbon pollution from new construction. Learn more at


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