Monte Sereno Chooses 100% Renewable

Monte Sereno Chooses 100% Renewable

The City of Monte Sereno upgrades municipal electric accounts to GreenPrime!

This month, the City of Monte Sereno upgraded its municipal electricity accounts to 100% renewable energy with the Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) GreenPrime electricity choice. City-owned infrastructure will now be powered with electricity sourced from solar and wind energy. Monte Sereno is now the 11th community of 13 in our service area to upgrade to GreenPrime, creating greater demand for clean power.

According to the California Air Resources Board, the state currently generates about 25% of its energy from renewables, but that number is growing each year. Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs like SVCE will be instrumental in reaching the state target of 50% renewable energy by 2030, and for SVCE customers, we’re already meeting that target ahead of schedule. “We’re setting an example for other cities,” says Monte Sereno Mayor and SVCE Director, Burton Craig. “We want to show that clean energy is both accessible and in high demand.”

Sixteen regions in California are acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing local CCE programs, but a demand for renewables is not unique to the environmentally-minded California. A movement of 400 mayors across the country representing 69 million Americans have promised to uphold the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, keeping global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius.

Upgrading to GreenPrime shows the City of Monte Sereno’s commitment to renewable energy and climate action goals, but this decision doesn’t have to stop at the municipal level. Residents can also upgrade to 100% renewable electricity for a cost of only $3 – $5 more per month for the average customer. For more information, visit