Youth Environmental Power Initiative

Empowering youth to be advocates of fighting climate change through legislative advocacy, community engagement, peer-to-peer outreach, and education

YEPI (1)
Winter 2022 – 2023, Winter 2021 – 2022, Spring 2020 – 2021
Youth Advocacy & Outreach
Global; Based in Santa Clara County
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Equity and Environmental Justice Symposium
Partnered with local library to host “Racial Understanding, Social Equity and Environmental Justice” Symposium

Environmental Justice Art Exhibit
Students published artwork inspired by clean energy and climate change

Community Outreach
Hosted school events and attended local Earth & Arbor Day Festival


My favorite project was the YEPI Sustainability Summit, one of the biggest environmental conferences in the community. It was exciting to see so many participants equipped with the knowledge and skills they needed to design and implement new environmental projects to save our planet. I believe that this summit was very impactful and empowered many students to find climate change solutions and furthered their climate advocacy!
Kelly Tung, President and Executive Director

One of my biggest accomplishments was speaking at the City Council Meeting where the Regnart Creek Trail went to vote. Although I was initially nervous about speaking in front of the City Councilmembers, partaking in the meeting helped me get out of my comfort zone and speak up.
Lourdes Diaz, Secretary General