The Switch is On

California has set a goal of becoming carbon-free and energy independent by 2045. Our homes and buildings here in Silicon Valley play a role in this statewide movement.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is part of a statewide coalition to help advance the use of clean, electric technologies in homes and buildings. With buildings producing more than a quarter of all statewide carbon emissions, it’s clear that natural gas use in homes contributes to climate change. Switching to all-electric appliances is the smart choice for your home, health and for California.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Save on Your Energy Bill

Choose electric appliances that are 3 – 5 times as efficient as their gas counterparts. Now that’s efficient.

Switch to electric appliances and avoid harmful air pollutants produced when burning gas or propane.

When you use less energy, you spend less on your energy bills. With efficient electric appliances, you can save on your monthly bills.

Help Protect the Environment

Ditching gas appliances lowers local pollution and carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Your appliances make an impact.

Make Your Home More Energy Resilient

In a power outage, most modern gas appliances still require electricity to operate. An electric backup system can prepare your home to be energy resilient.

modern electric kitchen interior

You have the tools to make the switch to all-electric!

Just a click away, you have the resources to help you make the switch to electric for your home and for your ride. Learn more about efficient, electric heat pump water heaters, electric space heating and cooling, and more. Understand why top chefs to amateur foodies are cooking on induction and how to make your home energy resilient with solar+storage. Go electric on the road and explore the latest in electric cars and charging.

Be part of the statewide effort.

Going electric at home has a ripple effect and positively impacts your family, community and state. Visit the SwitchisOn.org to learn more about electric technologies, resources for contractors, rebates, and answers to frequently asked questions. Don’t be left in the dark, the switch is on.

Electric Appliances – Your New Best Friend

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