Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action

Empowering teens and young adults to combat climate change with impactful education and policy initiatives

Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action participants at local City Council hall
Spring 2020 – 2021
Youth Leadership & Outreach
Santa Clara County
High School:
Number of Participants:
30+ Youth Leaders; 100+ Members
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Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action participants standing by a bicycle

Climate Community Events
Engaged community through Climate Speaker Series, Earth Day events, and more

Online climate education curriculum describing top sources of carbon emissions

Curriculum to 10,000+ Students
Developed educational videos about climate change challenges and solutions

Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action participant speaking at podium

Youth Leadership Development
Coordinated Climate Leadership Workshops and climate advocacy trainings


Through transitioning to virtual engagement, we were able to collaborate with students we normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet because of a lack of sustainable local transit options. Furthermore, we were able to reach tens of thousands of students and adults through virtual events, taking advantage of online tools to create an interactive and collaborative experience.

Many of the skills I have developed, including leadership, organizing, public speaking, teamwork, collaboration, and effective use of technology, have been directly applicable to my work in school projects and internships. I am excited to see how these experiences will apply in college and future jobs. Overall, the most important skill I gained was learning how to use my voice to create real, strategic change in issues I care about.

Peri Plantenberg, Education Fund Project Lead