Residential Offers & Services

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is helping residents switch from polluting natural gas to clean electricity for your home and car to improve local air quality, help you save money and create a more comfortable and safer home.

The following offers and services include incentives and educational tools to help you make the switch to non-polluting, all-electric living.

Receive Rebates for Efficient Electric Home Upgrades

As a customer of Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), you can receive rebates that make it easier to switch from gas appliances to clean, efficient electric appliances through our FutureFit Homes Program.

Switching from gas to electric helps reduce emissions and creates a safer and more comfortable home and environment for our families and communities.

Get Gas Out of Your House. Switch to Electric at Home!

Learn more at eHub about why your home appliances matter, not only for your own health but for our community. eHub provides residents with resources, information and answers about switching from using natural gas to clean electricity-powered water heaters, space heating and more.

Find a Contractor

Interested in switching to a heat pump water heater, adding EV charging at home or other electrification home upgrades? Check out available resources to help identify a contractor that can help you.

Be Prepared and Energy Resilient with Home Battery Storage

We have created some online resources to help you learn about your opportunities to become energy resilient by installing solar and storage. Our Battery Storage Assistant can also help you find a battery that is right for you and get quotes from local installers!

Learn more about Lights On Silicon Valley to find out how you can reduce the cost of a solar + home battery backup system from Sunrun by enrolling in the program.

Take a Look at Award-Winning All-Electric Homes

We want to recognize local leaders who are reducing regional emissions and promoting a healthier community with their electric technologies and innovative building designs. This award program showcases existing all-electric buildings that utilize our carbon-free electricity and offer examples to increase awareness of all-electric buildings within our community.

Increase Energy Efficiency and Comfort in Your Home

With easy-to-use tools and step-by-step instructions, identifying ways to save money on your utility bills, conserve vital resources, and improve your home is simple. Check out the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Saving Toolkit from your local library today!

Compare and Shop Electric Vehicles

Thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) for your next car or just interested in EVs? The EV Assistant has you covered. Browse close to the 50 different models of EVs available in California, ranging from standard sedans to SUVs, trucks and four-wheel-drive, and even high-end sports cars. Plus, you can discover EV incentives and explore both the financial and environmental benefits.

Use GridShift to Charge with the Cheapest, Cleanest Electricity

GridShift EV Charging syncs your EV’s charging with renewable generation and electricity cost to optimize the cheapest, cleanest charge. Save money and carbon when you smart charge with the SVCE GridShift app.

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