Charging at Scale

Innovative solutions for a clean, electric transportation future

Installing a few EV chargers is one thing. Installing them at scale can be an entirely different challenge. SVCE recognizes Powerflex’s installation at 23andMe as an innovative example of how demand managed charging can be used to increase the number of chargers without linearly increasing the required capacity. This installation shows how creative solutions can help reach scale in an affordable way.


Year Installed:
Sunnyvale, CA
Building Type:
– 100+ Level 2 chargers
– one Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC)
Installed For:
Employees of 23andMe

“The demand control was a huge benefit of the program.”

close up of charger


23andMe is a leading consumer genetics and research company that helps people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. During the process of moving into a new facility, electric vehicle drivers on the 23andMe team immediately noted that the parking garage in their future building did not have enough EV chargers for the already 60-plus EVs used by the staff.

An employee referred management to Powerflex, which offered a turnkey solution to expand access to charging within the existing power capacity while managing the rebates and permitting processes. “All we had to do was restripe the parking garage,” said Jason Lester, workplace experience team director.