Good Samaritan United Methodist Church

Silicon Valley Clean Energy was pleased to present Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Cupertino with a check for $514.26 for their surplus solar generation. Good Samaritan initially chose to install solar to save money on their energy bills.

“We wanted to save money and preserve the planet,” says John Cordes, Finance Chair of Good Samaritan UMC. “We had to redo the roof, so it kind of became the right time.” The system has saved them roughly $2,000 per month on their electricity bills since they started the installation in March 2017.

In addition to lower bills, Good Samaritan enjoys the positive impact their solar energy has on the environment.

“We’re a very environmentally friendly church,” says Rajiv Pathik, Pastor.

Customers with solar like good Samaritan United Methodist Church can benefit from SVCE’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, which pays higher rates for surplus electricity than PG&E does. Good Samaritan hopes to eventually expand their ministries with the extra savings.