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Validating a Low-Cost Direct Installation Model for EV Charging at Low- and Moderate-Income Multi-Family Properties

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SVCE funded Ecology Action to demonstrate a proposed EV charging “direct installation” program for multi-family properties. This model would secure funding from an outside source (like the state or a large utility) to install EV chargers at multi-family properties at no/little cost to the site. Ecology Action has hypothesized that this approach is necessary to deploy significant charging in low- and moderate-income properties because property owners need EV charging to be hassle-free and affordable to be interested.

The pilot will test Ecology Action’s business model by supporting the installation of 10 EV charging ports across 2 sites by mid-2021. Key learnings from the pilot will include: (1) the viability of low-cost and low-power equipment configurations, (2) identifying metrics indicating whether little-to-no “extra” costs will be needed at the site, and (3) gauging pre- and post- installation knowledge and interest in EV adoption by tenants and site hosts.