Our Story

Formed by the community to provide clean electricity and delivering on this mission since 2017.

Your community choice energy provider.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SV Clean Energy) is the public, not-for-profit agency that provides clean electricity for 270,000 residents and businesses across 13 Silicon Valley communities.

SV Clean Energy is improving how residents and businesses get their electricity with new clean energy choices. Plus, we are helping customers make all-electric choices and upgrades that help save money and fight climate change.

Our story


With support from local residents and businesses, Silicon Valley Clean Energy was formed by communities in Santa Clara County in 2016. It formally started with two reports – an initial assessment report and a feasibility report – led by the cities of Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and the County of Santa Clara. Then subsequently, eight other communities joined to form this new collaborative public agency.


In 2017, SV Clean Energy flipped the switch and started providing carbon-free electricity at competitive rates to the community. The businesses and residents in the community received notice about this switch in their electricity provider and had the option to opt out.


Since flipping the switch in 2017, SV Clean Energy has been supplying clean electricity to about 96% of residents and businesses in the community. SV Clean Energy is also fighting climate change locally, accelerating renewable energy statewide, and adding new benefits to the community.

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SV Clean Energy Today

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Fighting climate change locally

We are helping our communities lead the fight against climate change by reducing harmful pollution from our buildings, homes and cars. Since launching, SVCE has avoided 530 million pounds of pollution (CO2) being released into the air that contributes to climate change.


Accelerating renewable energy statewide

With 1.6 billion invested in renewable energy, we are building new and innovative renewable energy and energy storage projects to power homes and businesses with clean energy.

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Adding new benefits to our community

We are a not-for-profit, public agency giving back to our customers through competitive rates – saving customers $83 million on their electricity bills since 2017. Plus, customers can take advantage of unique offers and services, rebates, scholarships and community grants.

You are part of the story

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Congrats! You already have clean energy. Explore all your options here.

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Switch to an electric car from a gas-powered car to drive with your carbon-free electricity.

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When it is time for a home appliance upgrade, choose cleaner, safer and electric.