DIY Home Energy Saving Toolkits

You can check out the toolkit from your local library just like a book to save energy, save money and update your home. Following the User Guide and equipment in the toolkit, your home will be more energy efficient in no time!

Check it out!

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Saving Toolkit is designed for Silicon Valley Clean Energy community members and can help you save money on your utility bills while conserving vital resources.

Anyone with a valid library card can borrow a toolkit for up to three weeks from the Sunnyvale Public Library, Sunnyvale Environmental Services Department, and Santa Clara County Library District community libraries in Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, and Saratoga.

Check out your local library’s website to reserve your toolkit online.

diy toolkit displaying all of the energy efficiency gadgets and tools

What's in the kit?

What you get to keep:
– LED light bulbs
– Low-flow faucet aerators
– A low-flow showerhead
– Outlet gaskets
– Weatherstripping
– Water leak detection tablets

What you can use and then return:
– A Kill-A-Watt® Meter to measure the energy use of appliances and equipment
– A thermal detector to check for heat loss through windows, vents and doors
– A special thermometer to help set refrigerators and freezers to appropriate temperatures
– A water flow rate bag to measure the true rate of flow from faucets and showerheads

Discover Energy Savings & Win Prizes with the DIY Toolkit Sweepstakes & Premium Items

Free premium electric home tools and Sweepstakes Items are available with the DIY Home Energy Saving Toolkits and Sweepstakes from Silicon Valley Clean Energy!

Starting in February, SVCE will release a new premium item to the Toolkits every other month. Premium items will be available to keep with each DIY Toolkit rental while supplies last. These items will include high quality energy saving devices such as smart power strips and smart LED light bulbs.

calendar prizes v2.1

Feeling lucky? Customers will have a chance to win big-ticket items like a smart electric tower fan or a portable induction cooktop in the DIY Toolkit Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes will run for a month at a time in March, June, September and December. Customers enter the Sweepstakes when they post a photo of an energy saving tool and tag @SVCleanEnergy on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or X.

How to Enter

  1. Post an “energy savings photo”. info
  2. Tag @SVCleanEnergy
  3. Private account? Email toolkits@svcleanenergy.org with a screenshot of your post & tag

DIY Toolkit Videos

SVCE has created a series of short tutorial videos for understanding how you can better use the DIY Home Energy Saving Toolkits.

If your library is in need of equipment or tool replacements in the SVCE DIY Toolkits, or has new data to enter for inventory, please access the tracking sheet by clicking on the “Restocking” button below or reach out to toolkits@svcleanenergy.org.

Interested in doing more? Visit any of our partners to learn more about things you can do to make your home as resource efficient as possible:

Valley Water offers a wide variety of programs and tools to residential and commercial sites within Santa Clara County, including rebates, site surveys, educational resources and more.  For detailed information, visit www.watersavings.org, or call 408-630-2554.

Rising Sun is a local nonprofit that operates job training and employment programs for underserved youth and adults to address climate change and economic inequity. Call 510-665-1501 ext 300, or visit www.risingsunopp.org/programs/ghc.”