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On-Bill Credit: COVID-19 Customer Relief

With residents sheltering in place, we understand that keeping clean electricity available and affordable is more important now than ever.  In response, Silicon Valley Clean Energy is providing a $100 credit for residential customers enrolled under California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) as of May 10, 2020.

What can I do to receive this credit?

There is no action required for you to receive this credit. SVCE has identified the eligible customers and will automatically apply the credits. The credits will be spread in $50 increments on the electricity portion of the energy bill for the months of June and July.

How do I know if the bill credit was applied?

On the two upcoming energy statements for June and July, customers who qualified will see a $50 credit on the Silicon Valley Clean Energy page of the energy bill. The credit will appear as a line item and be labeled as “CARE/FERA Bill Credit Relief.” See the sample bill with the credit applied and highlighted in the green box below.

image of a sample bill with callout

Understanding Your Bill

In addition to providing on-bill credits, SVCE is mainting a 4% discount for all customers for electric generation rates compared to PG&E’s generation service. To understand how this discount is applied go to our Understanding Your Bill page linked in the button below.

Additional Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@svcleanenergy.org or call Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s customer care group at (844) 474-SVCE (7823).

Additional COVID Customer Relief & Community Reslience Programs

To  learn more about all of SVCE’s programs addressing customer relief and community resiliency programs in response to the COVID-19 crisis, visit the COVID-19 Relief page linked in the button below.


Additional Resources for Customers:

Through SVCE’s partnership with PG&E, SVCE customers additionally qualify for the full range of relief programs outlined below provided and administered by PG&E.

  • PG&E Programs: In addition to SVCE programs, customers are eligible to participate in qualifying PG&E payment plans and support. PG&E support includes:
    • REACH program – $100 credit towards bill payment for income-qualified customers
    • flexible payment plans
    • updated Medical Baseline lower energy rate requirements
  • CARE/FERA Electricity Discount: If you received an SVCE COVID bill credit on your June and July energy bills, then you are enrolled in either CARE and/or FERA electricity discounts. If you did not receive a credit you may still be eligible for discounted energy rates through CARE and FERA. If you have recent changes in your finances or lost your job, even if receiving unemployment benefits, you may be eligible for a reduced energy rate through CARE and FERA programs. Enrollment in CARE or FERA Programs can save qualified households 20-35% on their energy bill. To see if you qualify and apply visit: PG&E’s CARE & FERA Webpage.

To learn more and apply for these programs visit: PG&E’s COVID-19 Protections Page