Climate Youth Ambassadors

Equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources for leading more environmentally-friendly lifestyles

Climate Youth Ambassadors presenting to large group of elementary school students
Spring 2020 – 2021
Youth Education & Outreach
Santa Clara County
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Climate Youth Ambassador speaking with community members at event

Outreach to 2800 Students
Leads presentations and partnerships with schools, libraries, and community events

Climate Youth Ambassadors hosting virtual Sustainability Trivia Series with the topic of Sustainable Living

Engaging Sustainability Trivia
Hosts interactive sustainability education for elementary and middle school students

Climate Youth Ambassador participants standing in front of table and presentation at library

Empowering Other Teens
Inspires peers through sharing experience as speakers on panels and workshops

Climate Youth Ambassadors leading virtual webinar about Climate Science: The Basics
Virtual presentation "Climate Change - An Overview"


As youth, we understand what fellow youth find interesting and enjoyable. This was our guiding principle as we developed virtual outreach and educational content: if we personally found an activity interesting and enjoyable, we implemented it. We found that this made our outreach programs more engaging for students, and motivated more individuals to participate.

The Climate Youth Ambassador Program will continue to conduct interactive and enriching climate education initiatives nationwide, and I hope to utilize the resources we’ve gained through SVCE’s Education Fund to make our initiatives even better.

Kaushik Tota, Founder of Climate Youth Ambassadors