Cameron Crest

Clean, California wind


Project: Cameron Crest
Location: Kern County, CA
Type: Wind
Capacity: 77.7 MW
Developer: Terra-Gen
Status: Online

Timeline & Details

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18,150 homes can be powered each year with an average of 188,757 MWh of electricity provided by the project annually

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39,960 metric tons of CO2 avoided annually from the carbon-free electricity produced

The three Terra-Gen wind sites generating the electricity were built in 1986 and partially repowered in 1999, the vintage projects still operate at high availability rates. The SVCE portion of the project is made up of 430 turbines.

“This project will not only help SVCE meet the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, but it will also help us deliver on our commitment to clean, reliable electricity for our communities,” said Girish Balachandran, SVCE CEO. “This project complements the SVCE portfolio because the wind production will ramp up during the time of day when solar production is slowing down.”