Office Building – 435 Indio Way

Building the future of open-concept office space

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Year built:
Year Renovated:
Sunnyvale, CA
 concrete tilt up
32,000 sq. ft.
RMW Architecture + Interiors
Sharp Development / Kevin Bates

113 kW solar panels
Produce enough energy to equal a building’s annual total electricity use

icon of the function of a solar power water heater

Solar hot water system
Get hot water without combustion and GHG emissions


Heat pump HVAC
Heat and cool large buildings quietly and efficiently


Allow more natural sun light into office space for a more comfortable working environment


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Built in the 1970’s, this previously dark, uninsulated building, with “Class C-“ office space, was impossible to rent. So when developer Kevin Bates acquired the building, he decided to create a modern, energy-efficient workplace that was irresistible to renters. To accomplish this transformation, Kevin brought in energy designers Integral Group who specialize in creating zero net energy buildings. Together, they wanted to demonstrate that you could renovate a building that would operate at zero net energy for the same budget as a “traditional” retrofit.

The first step was replacing the old gas water heaters with a new solar hot water system and install a heat pump for space heating and cooling.

“Then Integral group coordinated with our architect to make further energy-efficiency improvements, including punching more windows and skylights in the building to allow for daylighting. They also had us add 6 inches of insulation to the exterior of the building to lessen the use of the HVAC.”

Today, the building is not only all-electric zero net energy certified (and tracking toward carbon neutrality), but the daylit, airy, open-concept office space is very attractive to tenants. And the renovation resulted in an upgrade of the office space to “Class B+”.

“We were able to lease it in record time, proving that designing for energy-efficiency is also a savvy business model.”

KEVIN SHARP / Sharp Development