Supporting and hosting events to think creatively about solutions that will benefit residents and businesses to achieve our climate goals

GridShift Hackathon –
January 2020

SVCE hosted the GridShift Hackathon along with Powerhouse. Held at Google Developer’s Launchpad in San Francisco, more than 100 ‘hackers’ built innovative solutions to enable the transformation to a cleaner, smarter, and more equitable electric grid. Winning Hackathon teams took home $16,000 in prizes. Their proposed solutions included an interface allowing automated scheduling for flexible electrical loads, a “Green Routes” app to locate EV charging stations that optimize for carbon, cost and convenience, and app-connected light bulb indicating electricity prices and planned local power-shut offs. Read More

second place team with large grid shift check for their winnings
close-up of someone pitching their solution

Hackathon Sponsorships

Powerhouse SunCode 2019

SVCE sponsored the annual SunCode hackathon at the Citizen Engagement Lab in Downtown Oakland. Out of the total twenty teams, four worked on SVCE’s challenge statement focused on retrofitting single-family homes to be all-electric. The grand prize went to Team Retrofit, which solved SVCE’s challenge with a user-friendly online survey. The program used photos and visual information to help customers identify what types of appliances they have, then provided solutions for energy and cost savings that promote electrification. Learn more at: http://svcleanenergy.org/news/suncode-hackathon-brings-creative-solutions-to-carbon-pollution/ 

Stanford Cleantech Challenge 2019

SVCE sponsored Stanford Cleantech Challenge and posed a challenge for “hackers” to provide solutions to inform and influence customers to switch heating systems from natural gas to electricity, which can save money and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. The event’s grand prize went to the team “Home Team” for thier solution of providing a modern heat pump water heater, expanding heat pump water heater networks and helping customers use Internet of Things technology to optimize electricity use.

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