Be prepared for power outages

Reduce the cost of a solar + home battery backup system by enrolling in Lights On Silicon Valley

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Get a $500 rebate when you install solar + home battery storage through Sunrun and sign up for Lights On Silicon Valley

Lights On Silicon Valley can help you install a solar+storage system at your home to prepare for future power outages. SVCE customers can get a no-obligation appointment with Sunrun to learn more about whether a system is a good fit for them.

If you do install a system with Sunrun, you can enroll in Lights On Silicon Valley to get a $500 rebate for agreeing to sell some energy from the battery to the grid during peak times (and only when there isn’t an outage). You could get backup power, reduce your energy costs, and help our community develop a smarter power grid.

Interested in Participating?

Visit the Sunrun Lights On Silicon Valley webpage to learn more and enroll in the program.