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Improving the Viability of Shared Multi-Family EV Charging through Reservation Software Platform

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EVmatch was funded by SVCE to install 8 EV chargers across four multi-family properties by early 2021. This pilot will test how a software reservation system impacts utilization of the chargers by tenants and by the public. Multi-family properties face a chicken-and-egg problem with EV charging: tenants don’t buy EVs because they have no charging access, and property managers don’t install chargers because they don’t have tenants with EVs who need them.

This pilot can help overcome this challenge by establishing a business case for public use of chargers on-site, even without tenant EV ownership. This public-access, reservation approach can also improve the economics of multi-family charging even where tenants do have EVs, dramatically increasing the incentive for property owners to install. EVmatch’s software ensures that tenants and the public can access the chargers when they need them.