Off-Grid Charging

Innovative solutions for a clean, electric transportation future

Some locations may be more prone to electrical service disruption or have capacity constraints that make integrating with the grid prohibitively expensive. SVCE recognizes Paired Power’s installation as an innovative example of how chargers can function even when the grid goes down or be effective in capacity-constrained locations


Year Installed:
Campbell, CA
Building Type:
Six carbon-free, off-grid solar
direct current chargers
Installed For:
Building employees and local residents

The off-grid charging offered by the SEVO SunStations is carbon-free, relying completely on 100% solar.

close up of a charger


Grid independence is more important than ever in California. Paired Power’s technology is resilient to power shutoffs and directly converts sunlight to EV charging during peak workday hours. It is a robust solution that carries multiple benefits, including U.S. manufacturing for its solar canopy and chargers.

At the Paired Power headquarters, the company shares a building with two other businesses and installed SEVO SunStations at the facility. These EV chargers are used by employees of all three companies and even by a few local residents.

The SEVO SunStations have even persuaded some employees who are residents of multi-unit dwellings to buy EVs, knowing that they can charge them at work.