SVCE Customer Bill Protection for new Time-of-Use Rate

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As of the June 2022 billing statement, the E-TOU-C time of use transition Bill Protection program has come to a close. Customers that paid more over the initial 12-month period on the E-TOU-C rate will see a credit on their bill for the difference compared to what they would have spent on their legacy E-1 rate.

Customers wishing to compare their electric rate options can view a personalized rate plan comparison and choose the best rate plan at any time. This information is available with PG&E at PG&E’s website here.

What is Bill Protection?

Eligible customers transitioning to a Time-of-Use rate plan receive Bill Protection during their first 12 months on the new Time-of-Use rate. If you pay more during the first 12 months on the Time-of-Use rate plan than your previous Tiered Rate Plan (E-1), SVCE and PG&E will credit you the difference. For most SVCE customers this bill protection 12-month period ends in June 2022.

After the initial 12-months of being on a Time-of-Use rate, customers will not be eligible for a Time-of-Use bill protection. If you are unsatisfied with the Time-of-Use rate plan you can switch to another rate plan at any time, through PG&E’s website .

How will Bill Protection credits be applied?

PG&E will apply a bill credit to the transmission and distribution portion of the bill, and SVCE will provide a credit for the electric generation portion at the end of the first 12-months of being transitioned to a Time-of-Use plan.

Visit the Time-of-Use webpage to learn more about how the statewide, electricity rates are changing and how you can save money.