Heat Pump Water Heater

Switch from gas to electric for increased efficiency and comfort at home

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Rebates for Electric Home Upgrades

Compare & Shop Electric Vehicles

Browse EVs, explore incentives & personalize your preferences

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Rebates for Home Battery Storage

Get $1,000 off a home battery paired with a panel upgrade

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Rebates for Home Battery Storage

DIY Energy Saving Toolkit

Identify ‘do-it-yourself’ ways you can save money on utility bills

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DIY Energy Saving

Automate clean EV Charging

Use GridShift to charge with the cheapest, cleanest electricity

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Automate Clean
EV Charging

Rebates for At-Home EV Chargers

Purchase a qualifying EV charger and receive a $250 rebate

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Rebates for At-Home
EV Chargers

Technical Support for EV charging

Free technical assistance for installing new EV chargers

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EV Charging

Incentives for EV Charging

Up to $50,000 for installing EV chargers at multi-family properties

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Incentives for
EV Charging

FutureFit Fundamentals

Get paid $500 for 5 hours of online training

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$5,000 Incentive

Funding to support installing electric technologies after online training

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Technical Support for Electrification

Free technical assistance for all-electric building technologies

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Federal Rebates Explained

Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act electric rebates

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Federal Rebates

Access to Energy Data

Get instant, secure and authorized access to your energy data


Access to
Energy Data

Demand Response Programs

Save money with summertime Emergency Load Reduction Programs

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Demand Response

Space and Water Heating Equipment Rebates

Small-to-medium sized businesses are eligible for up to $20k for replacing space and water heating equipment

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Space and Water Heating
Equipment Rebates